Saturday, January 21, 2006


Hey folks, I got some pictures set up, so go check them out. I'm tired now and I don't want to be on the computer anymore right now so just go to Paste that in, and enter the email address:
password: joespics

Have fun. More later.


e.a.l. said...

joe. liz lyon here. you know that you can share snapfish pics with people who have snapfish accounts, and can just send out the url for the album... (fyi) I hope you have a fantastic time in England. Its a beautiful country. If you have an opportunity to make it up to Durham there is a BEAUTIFUL cathedral there, its especially wonderful if you can make it to a vespers service. Outside -- years ago, someone carved a representation of the lord;s supper in a bunch of the trees. It's incredibly moving. I hope you have an opportunity to see it.

Andy said...

Hey Joe! Cool pictures man. I enjoy reading about your adventure. Hope your having fun, and don't you worry cause Bob really is my uncle;)