Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Ok, so remember how I said yesterday (i think i said something about it) that we were going to do some weird quiz thing last night? Well, we did. We all trecked over to Derwent, somewhere across campus, I don't really know where because most of out walking around is done at night, not terribly helpful but whatever. So we went and it was a "bar quiz," essentially just a quiz game in a bar (you may remember from before that all the different colleges on campus have bars except James, where I live). They ask random pop-culture questions and weird semi-trivial-pursuit-questions and then you write down your team's answer on a paper and at the end you switch with a different team and grade the papers. The whole way there the kids were talking about how they never win, it's just fun to go to. And then, WE WON! It was very exciting. I mean come on, we won the bar quiz. So now we're really pumped about the quiz at Goodricke on Sunday. Apparently, we hate Goodricke - but I'm not totally sure why yet. So it would be a lot of fun to beat them. For winning we got a bunch of stuff: pizza, two (why two?) pints of some common beer around here, a bottle of horrible wine, a 24 pack of something kinda like smirnoff black or one of those drinks, and a £50 tab at a local pub in town. It seems like a lot of alcohol, but when we got back to M Block all the people we normally hang out with (on our flat and the flats above us) came down and ate and drank with us, so really we all pretty much had one drink and one piece of pizza each. But it was fun nonetheless! Today I'm going to venture into town, I think by myself just cause I'm too lazy to find someone who might want to go along and I'm kinda in a hurry, to take care of some random business. I'm sure it will be a learning experience. I might have internet by tonight, if all goes well today. No promises, but it's a distinct possibility. I really hope it happens, cause these lab computers are trash. Rubbish, if you will. Or even, dare I say, pants. That's right, I said it. (they have weird sayings over here, i'm pretty sure I don't get a lot of them) Well, that's all the excitement for now. Take care everybody. Oh, and for Jimmy, they do have Aldi over here and it is indeed still a very ghetto store, but it's probably one of the only ones I'll shop at while I'm here. HOORAY FOR ALDI!


Clayton said...

Were the pop culture questions all british in nature? You should tell them you don't care about their culture :) That always helps! Anyways, CONGRATS on winning the pub quiz, way to represent. Goodluck on the internet.

sisterang said...

YOU won a TRIVIAL QUESTIONS game?! Shocking!! And the prize was BEER AND PIZZA?! What kind of a country is this?! Too bad their computer labs are .. uh, pants? :)

After reading yesterday's post, I was wondering around trying to figure out exactly what farmer walk you were demonstrating. I might have to confer with brother Brad over the details of this. :) You can imagine my thought process on this quizzical item was amusing. I think I'm just too close to the source.

Anyway, looking forward to more Aldi Adventures!

love ya!

Erin said...

Hey Joe,
it sounds like you are having wild adventures in York. I am so jealous. However, I did play a similiar game with Brian at Buffalo Wild Wings! I did not win beer or anything..but it was fun to show Brian up.

Well I can't wait to hear more about your trip. Stay safe and watch out for those shady characters at your creepy computer lab.

DerKD said...

I could say a lot of things right now. But I'll settle for two. Number one, I'm reading a book called "Devil in the White City" and within it New York is referred to as "a den of unclean beasts." How great is that? Second of all, guess who got freaking offered a freaking position at freaking York?!

auntmary said...

Joe . . . sounds like you fit right in. Any chance you'll be attending any classes between pub competitions?