Sunday, February 15, 2009

Profundity is Overrated

I don't write as much as I'd like. Anyone who checks this blog (or has in the past, you know, when there were updates) is aware of as much. Or at least is aware that I don't write much. Well, if you were wondering, I'd like to write more, so I don't write as much as I'd like. I think I may have stumbled upon the reason for that. It appears that I have this misconception that every time I write, it has to be profound and deep. Fortunately for me, I recently came to the conclusion that this is simply untrue. Sure, I'd like to be profound all the time, and I'd love it if everyone thought I was profound all the time. Unfortunately, that would really only work on people who've never met me, and I don't think a lot of them have/will read my blog, and anyone who actually knows me and has real conversations with me will quickly uncover the ruse. So I'm done with that, then. Hopefully, this revelation will inspire me to write more, whether on here or on paper (like in the old days) but either way, it would be nice. So for now, that's all. Just a bit of an 'apostrophe' I recently enjoyed. Thought I'd share.

Also, I'm reading a book about the war of 1812 called "The Invasion of Canada" and let me tell you, we (the U.S.) really jacked that up. Can you imagine how much more lumber we'd have at our disposal if we had just successfully annexed that place almost 200 years ago? Talk about natural resources.

Not sure why I threw that in there, but I did. So deal with it. In case anyone is confused, we did not (yet) annex Canada. But don't worry, there's still time.

Ok, I'm gonna go. In review, profundity is overrated. Most of the time, anyway.


Clayton said...

You forgot to mention Canada's vast underground emergency maple syrup reserves.

Hey Joe, keep blogging!

angiejean said...

I think we both figured this out about the same time - that every post does not need to hold the profound solutions to life as we know it. Actually, I'm still trying to convince myself of it, but I'm getting closer.