Wednesday, May 24, 2006

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So there I was, walking through town past some charity shops (that's what they call clothing re-sale shops) and as I look in the window, what do I see? Normally after a sentence like that, a person would just go right ahead and tell you what he saw, but not me. I want more than that from you. I want you to take a minute or so and think of all the outrageously absurd things that one could see in a charity clothing shop window. And don't think stupid things like, I dunno, trees. Obviously there won't be trees in there, it's a clothing shop. Come on, work with me here. Ok? Ok. Now, here we go, I'll give ya a minute........................and stop. Got any good ones? Like, I dunno, a hat with antlers on it? Or a U.S. uniform from the Revolutionary War? That would be entertaining, good thought. But no, it was neither of those. It was, in fact, an Arizona FFA jacket!! Let me say that again, cause I'm sure some of you in the back didn't hear me. It was, in a charity clothing store in York, England, an Arizona FFA jacket (boy, after you type arizona once or twice it really starts to look strange). How freaking outrageous is that? What's it doing here? How did it get here? And why where they charging 35 pounds for it? Who is going to want that, if they aren't in the FFA? I mean come on, it's a royal blue cord jacket with tons of gold embroydery on it, someone else's name, and a giant bright gold FFA symbol on the back (consisting of plow, owl, rising sun and of course, corn, for those of you who don't know.) Actually, that parenthetical reminded me, let me just take this time to address those of you silly enough not to know what FFA is. You all are silly. There, you've been addressed. Ok, actually it's a huge youth organization centered around the agricultural industry. It's massive, and given that the ag (that's what those of us in 'the know' call agriculture, try to keep up ;)) industry is the largest employer in the country, that affects a lot of people. Go to if you want to know more. And don't kid yourself, you do. Yeah, so anyway, that's my stream-of-consciousness post for now. An FFA jacket in York. Absolutely fantastic. Aight, peace.


J Bunch said...


That's exactly what is less interesting than the FFA.

Well, maybe Hugh Jackman.

But then again, I'm not sure where he fits around that whole "nothingness" thing.

Bradley said...


You forgot hay. There isn't much that is interesting about hay.

Just kidding. That was a play on the word hay. But it is hard to make a phonetic joke in words.

Anyway, hey. FFA is kinda interesting. So back the heck off. It is obvously interesting enough for a foreign country to charge 35 pounds for a representation of the organization. So there. J. If that even is your real name.

J Bunch said...

You've caught me Bradley.

My name isn't really J. it's R.

That's right. The letter R.

The last time I checked, AgriCult is indeed not interesting. Although, to be fair, they do serve more of a purpose to society than the "avant-gard" student composer population with garners an impressive .000000000000000004% of the musical market these days. O how depressing.

Joe said...

You said it, R.


J Bunch said...

Kiss my A, J!